Adrenaline Ventures

Experience The Adrenaline in Your Veins when we take you 
Close to Mother Nature
 to Experience it, at it's Best !!

Starting from 4 nights to 19 nights 

  • Trekking
  • Kayaking
  • Camping
  • River Rafting
  • Nature trails
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Zip-Lining
  • Para Sailing
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Zorbing
  • Whale Watching
  • Cruise Expeditions
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Caving Experience
  • Alpine Crossing
  • 4WD Experience
  • Glazier Exploring
  • Volcano Expedition
  • Northern Lights Expedition


Name It & We Have It !!!!

Programs available for: 

  • Darjeeling In & Around
  • Fun & Learning by the Ganges Bank
  • Rajgarh @ Himachal
  • Roof Top drive in Ladakh
  • Trans Himalayan Jeep Safari
  • Overland Journey to Ladakh - Line of Control
  • Karnataka - One State Many Adventures
  • Goa - 365 Adventures
  • Kerala Back Waters Fun
  • Mumbai In & Around


Add on Excursions available to make the trip More Enriching to soak in the Local Culture!!

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Be There & Be Inspired …. From Natural Creations to Man Made !!!

Meet the Local Artists Visits to the Famous Museums
Showcase your Work Insight into theirCulture & Cuisine !!

We offer Workshops in: 

Starting from 4 nights to 20 nights

Programs available in:

  • Italy
  • France
  • Austria
  • England + Scotland
  • Turkey + Greece
  • Bhutan
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Turkey
  • Indonesia + Malaysia
  • Spain + Portugal
  • Jordan
  • Western Europe – we cover 7 countries
  • Eastern Europe – we cover 7 countries  
  • Balkan – we cover 8 countries
  • Canada - Travel West 2 East


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Cultural Trails

Learn it by Living It !!! Come Explore The World !!!

Cultural Insight into:

  • History
  • Lifestyle
  • Language  
  • Cuisine
  • Economy & Progress  


Starting from 3 nights to 20 nights programs …………

We introduce our Cultural Trails programs with:

Discover India :

  • Darjeeling & Gangtok - Experience the Eastern Chills
  • Kerala – The God’s Own Country
  • Karnataka - The Garden City
  • Rajasthan - The Land of the Kings
  • Goa – The Queen of Beaches
  • Andhra Pradesh – The Rice Granary of India
  • Ladakh - Wonders & Treasures
  • Kashmir Valley - The Silk Route
  • Himalayan Caravan
  • Gujarat – The Vibrant Land
  • Tamil Nadu – The land of Temples
  • West Bengal – The City of Joy
  • Odisha – The Soul of India



  • Nepal – The land of the Himalayas
  • New Zealand – Home of Middle Earth
  • Japan – Land of The Rising Sun
  • Australia – The land Down Under
  • Singapore – Man Made Wonders
  • Malaysia – Truly Asia
  • England – Land of Hope & Glory
  • Scotland – The land of Castles
  • South Africa – The land of God
  • Indonesia –  The Tropical Country
  • China – Land of Red Dragons
  • Hong Kong – Asia’s World City
  • Thailand – Land of Smiles
  • France – The Country on a Canvas
  • Switzerland – Heaven on Earth
  • Scandinavia – The Unexplored
  • Ireland – The Emerald Isle
  • Mexico – The Mayan World
  • Brazil – Country of Beaches
  • Argentina – The Land of Maradona
  • Kenya + Tanzania  – Africa -The land of God
  • Italy – The land of History
  • Western Europe visit 7 countries to Explore more
  • Eastern Europe visit 7 countries to Explore
  • Balkan visit 8 countries – Unexplored
  • Bhutan – Land of the Thunder Dragon
  • Turkey – Land of Art & Culture
  • Greece – All Time Classic
  • Sri Lanka – Land of Splendor
  • Russia – Once The Land of Czars
  • Germany – Land of a Historic Past
  • Austria – Land of Mozart
  • Spain – The land of Flamenco
  • Portugal  - The land of Passion
  • Jordan – City of Mosaics
  • Africa – Land of Gods  .. Visit 6 countries
  • UAE – Cities built on Sand by Man
  • Canada – Land of Maple Trees –Travel West 2 East


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Gourmet Chase

People who simply Love Food & want to Explore their Taste Buds!!!

It doesn’t just stop at that …. You Get Special Workshops on Learning How to Cook your Favorite Cuisine from The Best Kitchens !!

Starting from 4 nights to 10 nights …..

Programs available for:

  1. Bon appétit in Paris, France!
  2. Buon appetito in Roma or Firenze, Italy!
  3. Khao Swe, Lahpet or Mohinga, the National Dish. Learn to cook and Explore your palate the Burmese way in Burma!
  4. Bom appetite in Lisbon, Portugal!
  5. Buen provecho in Madrid or Barcelona in Spain!
  6. Couscous ..Khobz with Rfissa, Mrouzia. Learn to cook and explore your palate the Moroccan way in Morocco!
  7. Closest to the Australia’s Master Chef Kitchen whip out the best & Explore.  Bon appetite in Australia!
  8. Just Fish & Chips !!!! Naaaa it’s a lot lot more. Explore your palate the English way In England extending Scotland 
  9. Afiyet olsun in Turkey!
  10.  Enjoy your meal in Greece
  11. Cantonese,  Hunan, Sichuan in a Wok with Noodles & Sauces, Learn to cook the Chinese way in Beijing!
  12. Sushi,  Rice Balls, Sashimi, Teppanyaki,  Enjoy your meal Japanese way in Tokyo!
  13. Provecho in Mexico!
  14. Indonesian Noodles, spices. Selamat Makan in Indonesia!
  15. Wild at Heart ??? Learn to cook and explore your palate the African way in South Africa!
  16. Wonton or Wantan mee, Char kway teow, Yummiest Chilly Crab. Learn to cook and explore your palate the Singaporean way in Singapore!
  17. Roti Canai, Chilly Pan Mee, Malaysian Satay, Selamat Makan in Malaysia!
  18. Tom Yam Goong, Pad Thai, Kuay Tiew. Learn to cook and explore your palate the Thai way in Bangkok, Phuket!
  19. Rau muong, Nem Ran/cha gio Nom hoa chuoi. Learn to cook and explore your palate the Vietnamese way in Vietnam!
  20. Dessert Classes in Paris, France - Learn to create Classic Patisserie in the dessert capital of the World!


What more can one ask for ???

Salivating .....No More !!!!

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Lingua Franca

Learn ………

  • French in
  • Italian in
  • Spanish in
  • Japanese in
  • Mandarin in
  • German in



Starting from 5 days Beginners Class in

One of The Most Prestigious Government recognized Language Schools !!!

6 nights / 7 days package where you can blend into the culture while you learn with 

Home Stay, Local Cuisines & Sightseeing with Lots of Fun !!!

Add on Excursions available to make the trip More Enriching to soak in the Local Culture!!

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Quest Kids

The classroom provides A Wonderful Opportunity to Teach !

But, what if the students could actually Experience it, Touch it, Smell it, Taste it or See it ?

What if they could Explore Customs, Geographical Discoveries & Historical Monumentsalong the way?

What if they could Work Side-By-Side with Specialists in Fascinating Fields?


Starting from 5 nights to 15 nights

Programs available for

  • Biology
  • Geography
  • Ecology
  • Agriculture & Natural History
  • Space Science
  • Physics
  • Earth & Animal Science
  • Anthropology
  • Archeology
  • Design Technology & Computing
  • Marine Biology & Oceanography
  • Paleontology & Forensic Science



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Sports Camp

Skiing Training Camps

Learn Skiing in One of the Best Skiing resorts !!



5 days Training camp with lots of fun with Dancing, Games, etc……

Best way to make friends from All Across the World !!

6 nights / 7 days package with all services included from Home to Back Home Safely !!


One of The World’s Best Training  Camps …

5 days Training & compete with the local teams with friendly matches !!

6 nights / 7 days package with all services included

Soccer Training Camps 


Basketball Training Camps


Tennis Training Camps


Netball Training Camps 


Volleyball Training Camp


Badminton Training Camps 


Field Hockey Training Camps 


Why not Explore The World with Your Zest for Sports with The Best !!!!

Add on Excursions available to make the trip More Enriching to soak in the Local Culture!!

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Super sKool

Student Exchange Programs

Starting from 1 semester to 1 whole year of learning in the Most Elite Private Schools & Colleges !!

Home Stay with Extra Curricular Activities in order for you to Experience the Local Culture with an Exposure ofStudying and Living Outside Your Country !!

Programs available for:

  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon


Specialized Courses:

World’s Best & Well Recognized Institutes giving YOU - The International Flare to Stretch Your Creativity to the Maximum…… Be Inspired !!!

Workshops available from a week to a whole year …. Make your pick !

Fashion Designing


Hair Styling




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World Stage Camp

Want to Perform Live in DISNEY ?

Want Workshops in Acting in one of The World’s Best Academy ?

Want to Perform Live in one of The World’s Best Live Entertainment Capital ?

Want A Master Class in The World’s Most Exciting City for Theatre?

What are you waiting for ???

Enroll for Workshops in one of The World’s Best Known Studios:

  • Dance
  • Singing
  • Music  
  • Expressive Arts
  • Theatre – Musicals & Drama



Starting from 4 nights to 16 nights

Programs available for:


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