Mr. & Mrs. Rao

We want to personally thank Globe Trotts for setting up the best vacation that we have ever taken to the Bahamas. We were very pleased and impressed with the accommodations at the resorts. They were all nothing less than first class. The itinerary you put together was flawless. Everywhere we went from the airports, to resorts, to car rental agencies, the process was as smooth as planned. We can't thank you enough for making our vacation a pleasant experience, with a lot of good memories to cherish and share with our family and friends. I have already told people that you are the best and I recommend you above all others. Thanks again

Abhinav & Friends

We had a great trip and appreciate all your hard work! Hard to say which city was the most fun. Strasbourg and Venice are up at the top. Was 95 degrees in Florence/Rome and that may have made them more taxing. Really had fun renting a bike in Florence. Food was great and no problems. Venice was one of the coolest places I have ever stayed

Mr. Pankaj Bhatt & Fly

We had a wonderful time in Mexico. The transportation and hotel accommodations were wonderful. Every vacation I have planned in the past has been a self-booked all-inclusive vacation. We were very happy to go with Globe Trotts this time, as it was stress free and I think we got a wonderful deal. The hotel was at 30% capacity during the week and we really enjoyed the light traffic. The pools were wonderful and the food was great. We visited Playa Del Carmen three nights in a row. The taxi cabs were above expectations. We went to Carlos & Charlie's for dinner one night and the food was absolutely delicious. We were happy that the resort had a man-made beach as the water otherwise would have been too rough to swim in. We would definitely recommend this resort, especially for those who enjoy seeing archeological ruins. We walked over to the Xcaret Park and enjoyed half a day there. Our favorite part was the underground river. We swam through it for almost an hour. I've recommended your services to many of the folks in my office and next time we plan a vacation we will be sure to contact you Thanks for all your help. You have been a pleasure to work with!

Sayali M

Globe Trotts considered our unique needs and planned our itinerary to Croatia. Every suggestion they made was excellent, as they considered our budget, time constraints, and personal likes and dislikes. I would definitely work with Globe Trotts again as they made our trip easy and stress free. It was a delight to work with Globe Trotts. Thanks a ton!

Mr. Singhania & Fly

Disney in December was absolutely delightful! From our 1 day at Magic Kingdom & 2 days at Animal Kingdom, our family was filled with excitement and magical memories to last a lifetime. Disney was crowded during the holiday season however the crowds moved through the lines very quickly, especially with the Fast Pass system. Globe Trotts gave us advice and helpful hints in order to navigate the parks and enhance our trip! Disney World exceeded are expectations and we look forward to vacationing again with Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Thank You Globe Trotts for such a wonderful experience!

Ashish P

I would highly recommend Globe Trotts because everything on our month long trip to New Zealand & Australia went without a hitch. Transfers, tickets and tours were all in place and on time. The quality of the experience was excellent as well. Their recommendations on hotels, both location and quality were outstanding. They saved us money and provided us with high level accommodations.

Julius Gonsalves

I just want to let you know that my trip to Dubai was amazing. I have already recommended Globe Trotts to my friends & family. I am very impressed and I am extremely glad that I came across your services through a colleague. It was indeed an excellent experience. Thank you Globe Trotts!

Aaron Menezes

Me & my friends would love to thank the Globe Trotts team for this wonderfully planned trip to Leeds. We had such a wonderful trip & far exceeded our expectations. The flights were trouble free & all the hotels were much better than expected. I would personally love to recommend Globe Trotts to all the travel lovers out there.

Cheyenne Pereira

Thank you so much for providing a wonderfully organized trip to Dubai. Our tour guide was phenomenal. Everything was outstanding the food, Hotel & the sightseeing. Thanks for being low key & available to us when necessary. Overall, my trip to Dubai has made a lasting impression on my life.

Andre Rodrigues

The trip was fantastic! We loved every minute of it. The flights were great. Our accommodation was in an ideal location & just perfect. The guides you provided were very knowledgeable. Me & my friends would love to thank Globe Trotts for planning our trip to U.K.

Pritika Rai

My trip to Dubai was fabulous. The trip was well organized and our guide was incredibly knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip & I would recommend Globe Trotts to all the travel enthusiasts out there. Thank You Globetrotts for this fabulous trip.


Globe Trotts helped me and my family plan our trip to Italy. I would like to thank them for making it the most convenient and pleasant experience of my life.

Nikita M Fernandes

"With the Eiffel Tower situated in the heart of the city, I always aspired to visit Paris and do something worthwhile. What better way to do that than to study French? This aspiration wouldn't have been fulfilled without Globetrotts and their brilliantly organized Lingua Franca program. Not only did I have fun learning French, I had an added advantage of living with some of the best people I've met as Lingua Franca offers home stay! I had the best time there and it wouldn't have been possible without Globetrotts! They are extremely professional and yet they make you feel like you have a friend guiding you through the process. They have a long way to go and I wish them all the very best! Trotting across the globe just got easier! :)"

Uttara Purandare

Globe Trotts planned my Turkey holiday. I was visiting the country for five weeks, which meant that I had enough time to see the entire country, but I also needed to keep costs in mind while travelling there. I was very vague in when I told them about what I wanted to do, where all I wanted to go - but it was like they read my mind! They found me the most beautiful places to stay and at such great rates! They suggested the optimum amount of time to spend in each place so that I could visit all the sights but more importantly, so that I had enough time to take the place in, meet new people, eat at the BEST places. Their research was so detailed and helpful. They even gave me details about the concerts and local events happening in the cities. While the country and people are great, no doubt, I am sure that I wouldn't have felt so safe and at home had Globe Trotts not planned my trip out for me. If it wasn't for Globe Trotts, I am sure I wouldn't have been able to have even a small fraction of all the wonderful experiences that I had.

Sakshi Arora

My experience with Globetrotts was a rather eventful one. They planned my vacation to the US exactly the way I would've for myself, if not better. From the flights to the stay everything was seamlessly taken care of and all that was left for me to do was sit back and enjoy my vacation. Based on my interests they also advised me places and activities that I would like and customised my trip to perfection. Being an adrenaline junkie, the highlight of my trip was sky diving which I was so glad was included in my itinerary. I thank Globetrotts for this amazing experience.