At Globe Trotts, we have a dream to raise awareness regarding the importance of Education.  We strive to turn this dream into reality via multiple mediums. Kidfinity is one such medium created by Globe Trotts

Kidfinity aims to nurture and mould children enabling them to grow into Confident, Creative, Intelligent and Smart Individuals. Kidfinity consists of activity-oriented workshops where we make sure children are a part of the learning process and not just a mere audience. Activities, which enhance a Child’s Creative Development, Personality Development, Intelligence and Emotional Quotient along with inculcating everyday values such as Sharing, Respect for Others, Compassion, etc are an integral part of Kidfinity.

Highly trained and experienced professionals who share our vision of experiential learning create & conduct these programs.  These programs are age and child specific.

Besides conducting these workshops for Government-aided Schools, Colleges and other Educational Institutions, we also provide Kidfinity workshops for Corporate Entities who want to hold these workshops for their staff, customers & clients.

There are Four Elements that we address which are age specific:

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