Tucked away in the northeast of India, there is a state where you will see clouds cradling hills, grass glistening with dewdrops, azure blue skies, whispering pine groves, winding streets lined by English cottages - you’ll truly wonder if you are in Scotland! Picturesque Meghalaya, ‘the Abode of the Clouds’ lives up to its name. Lying sandwiched between Bangladesh and southwest Assam, the northeast state of Meghalya is the ideal place to unwind and let your eyes feast on nature’s abundance. The hill state of Meghalaya faces the brunt of the southwest monsoon, making this one of the wettest areas on earth. Meghalaya enjoys a temperate climate all year long and this makes Shillong, its capital city, one of the most visited hill-stations in India.

Capital: Shillong

Best Time of Visit:

Min Days Required: 4 Days

Places of Interest: 

  1. Mawsmai
  2. Syntu Ksiar
  3. Nartiang
  4. The Jaintia Hill
  5. Jowai
  6. Garo Hills
  7. Nokrek Park
  8. Tura Peak


Things to carry:

  1. Pack suitable clothes, depending upon the weather in Meghalaya at the time of your trip.
  2. If you are travelling to Meghalaya during the monsoon make sure you carry the right rain gear.
  3. During the winters it can get chilly make sure you carry appropriate woolens.

How to get there: