Want a change from the hectic pace of life? Thinking of giving the family a much needed break? Then head to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the one place where even the government assists the holidaymaker to relax by restricting frenetic sightseeing to a few hours of the day.

In the Andaman Islands, the beaches, museums, forts and jail are some of the circuits you will do at a leisurely pace once you are here. The sunset and sunrise are breathtaking every single day! Diving, snorkeling and other water sports will add that extra zing to your holiday in the Andaman Islands.

Capital:  Car Nicobar & Port Blair

Best Time of Visit:

1.     The main tourist season in the Andaman’s is between November and mid-May with the absolute peak season being December to March.

2.     The months of June, July, August and September are considered the rainy season. However travelers at this time can get great off season prices and discounts at many hotels due to the low number of tourist influx.

3.     Rain peaks in June and July and one could get pleasant weather in August and September with a little luck. Of course the weather is highly unpredictable in the Andaman’s.

4.     Do also note that even in November and December one could experience light showers. Being tropical islands it is difficult to accurately predict the cycle of rains.

5.     In terms of scuba diving, the best time to dive the Andaman’s is February and March as the sea is at its flattest, wind is almost absent and visibility is excellent. Diving remains closed in Havelock between 01 June - 31 July and most dive shops reopen on 01 August for the start of a new season.

Minimum Days required: 4 days

Places of Interest:

  1. Port Blair
  2. Havelock Islands
  3. Neil Islands
  4. Little Andaman


  1.  The islands have a tropical climate with only minor fluctuations in temperature (23-30°C) and 80% humidity all around the year.
  2. There is medium to heavy rain during the monsoons twice a year from the month from May to mid September and November to mid December.
  3. Average annual rainfall is about 3000mm at Port Blair.

Things to carry:

  1. In all tourist resorts shorts and t-shirts are acceptable. This is also appropriate at night, though "smart casual" is preferred and more appropriate in some resorts.
  2. Carry flip-flops for your comfort and when going for excursions always carry a towel and extra change of clothes.
  3. In the evening mosquitoes do come out and you are better off wearing something light with long sleeves and light trousers.
  4. Carry a mosquito repellent at all times. The mosquito menace is only there during dusk and then reduces considerably.
  5. Travelers are expected to dress conservatively when visiting temples, shrines and mosques. It is advised that tourists cover their shoulders and wear dresses or trousers below the knee level and remember to take off their shoes before entering.
  6. Stick to cool cottons and fabrics that absorb sweat thereby reducing the chance of heat rashes.

How to get there:


  1. Travelers flying into the Andaman & Nicobar Islands have to first arrive at Port Blair before taking a boat/ferry to any of the other islands. Frequent flights ply to Port Blair from Kolkata and Chennai.


  1. It is possible to take a ship from Kolkata , Chennai or Visakhapatnam which takes almost 4 days to arrive in Port Blair.