Travel is a Medium for Students to correlate Learning with Life.It enables them to reach new levels of achievement by applying their minds in understanding new places and communicating with different people. The Self-Confidence they gain from these Experiences becomes The Foundation for a Lifetime of Discovery.

Founded in 2009 by Ms. Nivedita Gowda, Globe Trotts strives to Maximize the Intrinsic Value of Travel.

In Today's World, Children need conditioning to become Global Citizens. Internet is doing its bit to make it happen, but as said in an Irish proverb "If Seeing is believing then touching is Gods truth"…… Globe Trotts attempts to provide a Safe and Sound platform where children get to walk in the footstep of The Emperors, Learn and Speak Global Languages with Locals, Experience the Essence of Adventure that they watch on TV & over the Net. All of which helps in nurturing them to become Life Long Self Directed Learners and turns them into Adults having a more Enriched and Evolved Thinking that Transcends Boundaries of Cultural Confinements.

Education on a Globe Trotts trip doesn't happen on a schedule; it's a constant - woven into the fabric of every activity.

All our tours enhance learning by,

  • Engaging students with the sights, sounds, smells and flavors of cultures, languages and people
  • Raising awareness of cultural and historical diversity to help students develop a global perspective
  • Encouraging students to become self-directed learners, gaining self-confidence in their abilities to face new situations successfully

Learning Objectives - Focused learning is effective learning. That's why we identify Specific Learning Objectives for each of our tour. The Learning Objectives are educational lessons we guarantee will be highlighted during the tour.

Pre-Tour Preparation- One of the oldest rules of travel is the more you know before you go, the more you'll see and experience when you're there. To help group leaders and participants get the most of their time abroad, Each Tour will receive a detailed itinerary before departure. The pack will include information about your touring destinations' language, history and culture, as well as activities, places where you would stay with contact numbers and "how-to" papers to help keep your educational goals in focus before, during and after your travel.

Globe Trotts creates Individual & Group : Educational, Cultural and Sports Programs. Each with unique variations which are specially developed to meet your requirements. We explore the countries we visit by combining hands-on Enriching Cultural Activities and Outdoor Adventures with access to Fascinating People, Places and Events.

Based in India, Our Programs operate throughout the World. The Globe Trotts Team is Passionately Committed to Delivering Programs that offer Life-Enriching Moments to be Savored for many years to come. Such Experiences Reflect Well in the Future.